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Welcome to Habitat67! We’re a team of passionate people about Expo 67 (and especially Habitat 67, of course!), architecture, design… and Montreal in its entirety. We are thrilled to welcome you and to help you discover this unique architectural landmark of international reputation designed by Moshe Safdie.

Kathleen Bouvier

Kathleen Bouvier is delighted to share her passion for Habitat 67. Well traveled and always immersed in design and history; when her peregrinations landed her in Montreal, she set her sights on Habitat67. Having spent seven of her ten years in Montreal in residence at Habitat67, Kathleen brings an insiders perspective to our team. Her time there included a lovingly hands-on restoration of her first unit there. Her appreciation for the intelligence of its design and the marvels of its inner workings runs deep. She welcomes the opportunity to educate the public on the wonders of Moshe Safdies original Habitat. By communicating the significance of this monumental project, Kathleen hopes to inspire pride in her fellow Montrealers and to instill respect for it in her fellow world travelers. She looks forward to welcoming you to Habitat67.


Judith Bradette

Judith is an art historian by trade. With a master degree in arts from UQAM and a graduate certificate in higher education pedagogy, she now teaches at college level. Specialized in Quebec public arts from the 1960s (don’t tell Moshe Safdie, it will stay between us!), she regularly guides groups through visits of the underground art gallery of the Métro de Montréal (our subway system). Fascinated by the effervescence that characterized Montreal in the 60s, the opportunity to let the public discover Habitat 67 was too good to miss!





Kathleen Gudmundsson

Since she was very young, Kathleen has been fascinated by stories of the past. While studying history at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, she worked at another historic residence there, Bellevue House (the home of the first prime minister of Canada). Despite the tourist seasons she spent dressed as a woman from the 1840s, as she continued studying she found she was most interested in learning more about social change in Quebec in the 1960s and 70s.  Working as a guide at Habitat 67 is an ideal role for her to share her knowledge of the post-Quiet Revolution era. An adopted Montrealer, Kathleen is particularly interested in the concept of “home”. Having found her own home in this beguiling city on the St. Lawrence River, she is eager to help you discover Habitat 67 and the echos of those who have lived there in the past 50 years.


François Morin

François likes to share his love for Expo 67, Montréal, its rich history and numerous festivals. He can also count on a multidisciplinary background in architecture and graphic design, while being a certified guide of the City of Montréal. Also looking for the latest cultural activities, you can usually find him in a museum or at an opening! 35-Spring young and therefore not being able to experience the excitement of 1967, François is catching up 50 years later by fulfilling a dream and taking you through a visit of this landmark masterpiece by Moshe Safdie. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.




Odile Rompré-Brodeur

Odile a travaillé pendant plus de sept ans dans diverses institutions muséales sur des projets de mise en valeur du patrimoine ou de revitalisation de sites historiques. Détentrice d’une Maîtrise en Aménagement, d’une majeure en muséologie et patrimoines, d’une mineure en pratiques administratives et d’un baccalauréat en histoire,  elle s’intéresse aujourd’hui particulièrement aux moyens de mettre en valeur notre patrimoine. Elle fait également partie du comité fondateur du Festival Vivre le patrimoine et est cofondatrice de Passerelles coopérative de travail.



Charlotte Wasser

Charlotte a poursuivi ses études en histoire de l’art et histoire et esthétique du cinéma avant de s’orienter vers la muséologie. Spécialisée en art contemporain et passionnée d’architecture, l’héritage d’Expo 67 et plus particulièrement Habitat 67 l’ont tout de suite enchantée. La mise en valeur des arts et du patrimoine et sa transmission orale étant au cœur de ses intérêts, c’est avec enthousiasme qu’elle vous accompagnera au sein du système architectural iconique de Montréal.




Éliane Bélec

Eliane is and has always been passionate about history and heritage, especially about sharing this precious knowledge with the public. A master graduate of applied history (UQAM 2014), she’s one of the associates of Histo&Co. since 2012. A natural communicator, she works with historical research as well as historical popularization through many projects such as school textbooks, educational activities and scientific validation. She’s an active member of the Association québécoise des interprètes en patrimoine.





Julie Bélanger

The visits at Habitat 67 has been Julie’s dream for years and she’s the one responsible for making it possible. An Expo 67 geek as long as she can remember, Julie is one of the most renown specialists on everything Expo 67 and its heritage. 12 years ago, she gave herself a mission: raise awareness through the general public of Expo 67 heritage and the evolution of its location since 1967. To help her achieve her goal, she created a guided visit of the site of Expo 67, which she offers for free between April and October every year since 2007. She is also the creator of the most important group of fans, researchers, authors, architects, museum staff and others on Expo 67. Throughout the years, her group became the best reference on all information related to the Montreal Universal Exhibition. Julie literally has Expo 67 under her skin, as she can be easily recognized for her tattoo of the Expo 67 logo she wears proudly on her arm. Although Julie rarely guides groups of visitors at Habitat 67, feel free to ask her all of your questions on Expo 67 if you meet her at Habitat 67 or elsewhere.